Who is this for?

You spent tons of time planning everything perfectly. Venue and decorations look amazing, the food is delicious, and the everyone LOVES the DJs mixing! However, on the following day, all the photos you received from Uncle Rob look like chaotic abstract renaissance paintings and none of your hard work is recognizable... Oof...

I've got you covered from small gatherings in your backyard to large events. Whether you need photos of the attendees, a photo set, or coverage of main events, I will ensure your targets are covered.


The options and pricing below are focused toward general coverage of the event. I am open to discuss different pricing models to better suit your needs for your event. 

What's included with my session?

Which option is recommended

I do not have a general recommendation as coverage varies on the type of event or setup. Please reach out if you would like assistance with determining the option that would best fit your needs.

Fees for travel or permits may apply based on location(s)

Options & Pricing

Option 1: $250

two hours of coverage

access to one hundred photos

Option 2: $450

four hours of coverage

access to two hundred fifty photos

Option 3: $800

up to seven hours of coverage

access to five hundred photos

--Want More...?--

contact me for any of the following options:

backdrops and lighting

additional photographer(s)

special pricing models