What Even is "Indi"?

"Well, Of Course I Know Him. He's Me."

Well... You've made it this far which means I must be intriguing to some extent. 

Honestly, the origin of "Indi" is pretty easy to explain. During my gaming days my screenname was "CurrentlyIndisposed". Quite a mouthful when teammates are yelling at me to help cover the choke point in an insanely titled Overwatch match (IYKYK). My friends found that "Indi" was much quicker to yell. "Thanks for the inspiration, guys!"

Now, how did I happen to take this simple name and start a photography service?...

Just like when I built my first computer, I had no idea that getting a camera would lead to diving into another expensive hobby. OH! I MEAN... "passion"! Also, having cute and adored pups at home, loving the outdoors, and having an eye for great photo composition (or so I'm told) definitely pushed me along this fantastic path. 

During my thorough enjoyment of these simple - yet quite meaningful - things, I found that I loved documenting and sharing some of my most favorite memories with my photography. 

The pictures you see before you now are some of the few where I am in front of the camera. Now, it may seem unfortunate; however, it is quite the opposite.

My enjoyment comes from the focus on the moments and experiences occurring in front of me. I get to see the smiles and hear a-dork-able giggles of those that see my photos. I see paw-rents give extra love-filled belly rubs to their fur babies because they held their position long enough for an awesome photo. I also inspire others to visit beautiful places and get the opportunity to present the world as I see it - not just as a scene, a moment, nor a photo... but all together that life has to offer. It's "imageri".

Hopefully I get the opportunity to give you the view I see through my lenses and that you get to enjoy some Imageri by Indi.