Pets & People


Who is this for?

Always trying to get great photos of yourself but your cut-off arm in your [group] selfie just isn't doing it for you? These sessions are great for general or lifestyle portraits of individuals, groups, and/or pets.


What's included with my session?

Which option is recommended?

Option 2 (two hours) is recommended for most - especially if any of the following items will be involved during the shoot:

Fees for travel or permits may apply based on location(s)

Options & Pricing

Option 1: $150

one hour

choice of one location

up to five subjects

selection of twenty photos

Option 2: $250

two hours

choice of up to two locations

up to eight subjects

selection of fifty photos

Option 3: $450

four hours

choice of up to three locations

up to twelve subjects

selection of one hundred photos

--Want More...?--

$50 per option below


per addt'l half hour


per two addt'l subjects


unlimited selection of photos from session

six-month access to online gallery


up to 10-mile trail (applicable to pkg 1)

contact for over 10-mile trail