Who is this for?

For those moments you'd rather experience instead of attempting to capture a good photo that ends up being blurry or missing the action completely. Performances, competitions, hobbies, and all the like - you, your loved ones, and others will be covered.


What is included with my session?

Which option is recommended?

I do not have a general recommendation as coverage varies on the type of event or setup. Please reach out if you would like assistance with determining the option that would best fit your needs.

Fees for travel or permits may apply based on location(s)

Options & Pricing

Option 1: $200

one and a half hours of coverage

one subject

selection of fourty photos

Option 2: $375

three hours of coverage

up to three subjects

selection of eighty photos

Option 3: $650

up to six hours of coverage

up to five subjects

selection of two hundred photos